Labour and employment Office, Kathmandu work to protect rights through settlement of individual  complain filed by the worker according to  Labour Act 2074 and interests and benefits obtained by collective bargaining agreement.  Our Aim is to ensure just and foster  good industrial relation towards the sustainable industrial growth.

we are given authority  for labour inspection to ensure the the certain provisions of Labour Act 2074 such as types of employment and employment contract, guaranties of stated minimum wages and social security provisions such as provident fund, gratuity and insurance to the workers.

To we striving our effort to ensure a propriate Occupational Safety and Health condition for the workers to protect from work related hazards and risks as per labor act in our assigned area .  we will register enterprise level trade union and conducted the authorized trade union election to ensure workres to enjoy their right of freedom of association & right for the collective bargaining.

We are also responsible to act on the assignment and activities stated and directed by Bonus Act 2030 and Child Labor( prohibition and regulation) Act 2056.

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